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Pakenham Lighting Services

Providing an Installation, Repair & Design Service for All Your Electrical Light Requirements

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Directional spot lights installed over a kitchen bench

Light fitting installations are an essential part of any electrician's job. Whether it’s a small residential job or a large commercial one, the proper installation of lighting fixtures and their components is critical to ensuring safety and achieving the desired aesthetic look.


Professional electricians must possess extensive knowledge when it comes to installing lights from understanding the electrical wiring and circuitry, to selecting the right fixtures and components such as switches, dimmers, bulbs and other accessories.


They should also be familiar with the different types of lighting available to ensure that they can achieve the desired look for each particular job.

Additionally, they must be able to troubleshoot any issues that may arise during installation or after. At the same time, maintaining compliance with Victorian codes and regulations ensures that all installations are safe and adhere to safety standards. This involves testing and inspecting each job thoroughly prior to completion. When it comes to our light fitting installations in Pakenham, our attention to detail avoids costly repairs later down the line.


Ultimately, when it comes to having any type of lights installed, it pays to go with the professionals. At Electricians Pakenham, our years of experience and expertise ensure that all jobs are completed safely and efficiently. We strive for perfection in everything we do, so you can be confident that your lights will look perfect and operate as they should. Get in touch today for a no-obligation quote. We look forward to adding the perfect lighting solutions for your project.

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Your Lighting Pakenham Specialists

Allow us to show our expertise for your lighting installation solution. From LED Strip Lighting installations highlighting a kitchen backsplash, to external LED Flood Lights activated by sensors, our team can provide any and all types of lighting services for you.


We listen to what you envisage as your desired outcome and customise the perfect lighting solution for you. We will collaborate with you to ensure that this tailored plan meets all of your expectations. Our work follows the highest safety protocols and current Victorian electrical regulations, always providing relevant safety certificates at completion.


Contact us today to discuss your lighting installation needs.

What to expect when we come to install your lights?

Well to put it simply, you can expect a professional and efficient service. We always ensure that once the installation is complete, we thoroughly test and check that everything is working properly and safely. We use only high-quality materials when installing your lights and make sure that any existing wiring is checked before work begins to guarantee its integrity. Before the installation process begins, we will discuss any special requirements or preferences that you may have, and try to accommodate them within the scope of our work.


Of course we leave everything just as clean as we found it after we are done.

A breakdown of what type of lighting installation projects we deal with

  • Spot lights

  • Commercial lighting

  • Security lights

  • Sensor lights

  • Swimming pool lighting

  • Lighting control systems

  • Wall lights

  • Outdoor lighting

  • Landscape lighting

  • Feature lighting

  • Motion sensor lighting

  • Pendant lighting

  • Chandelier Installations

  • LED flood lights

  • LED downlights

  • LED strip lights

  • Dimmers

  • Light switches


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