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Pakenham EV Charger Services

Providing EV Charger Installations for Pakenham Residents & Businesses & Surround Areas

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As more individuals embrace the electric vehicle (EV) lifestyle, EV charging stations for home garages are exploding in popularity. With electric cars becoming more mainstream, Pakenham residents should know that we proudly offer our expertise in home EV charger installation services.


We are qualified, and have the necessary licences to ensure your EV charger is installed where you need it and according to all building codes. Whether you need it installed indoors or outdoors, we'll do the job so the charger fits seamlessly within your home or business environment.

If you're looking to have an EV charger installation in Pakenham, go with a company that has years of experience doing the job.

Let us help guide you all the way from identifying the appropriate charger for your needs to finishing the installation project, we can assist you through every step. Our qualified team come with years of knowledge working in the electrical industry and have experience in all kinds of projects, including installing EV chargers.


Furthermore, we prioritise quality which is why only trusted materials are used during our works. This way you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing the job is done at the highest of standards. 

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EV Charger Installations for Pakenham

What you can expect from our EV charger installers in Pakenham:


  • Onsite inspection, free quote and advice

  • Guidance selecting the right charger

  • Appropriate upgrades to panels and circuits

  • Clean, professional and secure installation

For all of your Pakenham EV charger installation needs, contact us either online or over the phone.

What EV Charger should I get?

There are several different types of chargers available for home use, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. 


Level 1 chargers are the most basic type of charger and have the lowest speed. They are usually the most affordable and can be plugged into a standard wall outlet. However, they take a long time to charge an EV and can only supply up to 3-4 kilowatts of power, which is around 10km per hour.


Level 2 chargers offer more power than level 1 chargers but require special wiring and a dedicated circuit at home. They can supply up to 22-44 kilowatts of power and can charge an EV in a few hours, adding around 40km per hour of charge time.


DC fast chargers, or Level 3 chargers, are the most advanced type of charger but also require special wiring and a dedicated circuit. They have the highest speed, however, they are not currently compatible with residential electrical systems.


It’s important to consider all the factors when choosing an EV charger, such as cost, speed of charging, ease of installation and compatibility with different types of EVs. There are also several other considerations such as whether you need a portable charger or want to take advantage of a public charging network. No matter what type of charger you choose, it’s important to ensure that your EV is compatible with the charger before making a purchase.


That’s where we can help you if you need. We can recommend and supply the charger you’re looking for, as well as perform the final installations.


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